About the artist

Self-taught painter Kristina Tot Kaša decided to pick up a brush for the first time in 2015, and today she is already a well-known face of art in Međimurje, Croatia.

Her inspiration, she says, comes by itself, and sometimes she spends hours on the Internet looking for an interesting person. She says that it does not have to be perfect, but must have “that something” by which it must be special to her.

„I prefer animalism in a somehow more abstract, humorous and modern form. I love bright, expressive colors and contrasts.When I paint, I enter to another world, turn on the music and everything else disappears. Then all by myself I stay alone just with my paint, canvas, brush and then in most cases the painting is created in one day – Tot Kaša described her passion.
She describes her self as an extremely impatient person, so she has to immediately transfer everything she imagines to the canvas, because otherwise she loses the will for the project and is already thinking of a new one.

She always chooses larger canvases because she thinks it is a bad idea to spend a good idea on a small canvas.


2018 – Permanent exhibition in the Gallery of Contemporary Art Veljko Dugošević Kučevo – Serbia
2018 – The first solo exhibition in the Scheier Hall in Čakovec, 16 paintings on display
2018 – Exhibition in the restaurant Munodaka Čakovec
2018 – Zagreb, Slovenski dom, group exhibition
2019 – Zrinski ART festival Čakovec, group exhibition
2019 – KCM Gallery, Zagreb, group exhibition
2020 – Gallery of the Ministry of Defense “Zvonimir” Zagreb, group exhibition                 2021 – Solo exhibition in the MURAI – Croatia